• Centre for Democracy Foundation, Serbia implements
    Let’s Stop Age Discrimination and Endorse Active Ageing project
  • Adult Education Society, Serbia implements
    Elderly in Serbia project
  • Open Club implements
    Balkan Youth Forum for Tolerance project
  • Centre for Quality Education, Serbia implements
    Clubs for Children and Youth project
  • Partners for Democratic Change, Serbia implements
    Partnership for Tolerance and Anti-Discrimination Protection in Serbia project
  • Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Serbia implements
    Fighting Discrimination and Building a Culture of Tolerance through Dialogue, Legal Reform and Active Monitoring of Discriminatory Practice project
  • Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation, Serbia implements
    We Understand Each Other project
  • BAZAART, Serbia implements
    Intercultural Drama Education and Learning project
  • Treehouse, Serbia implements
    Work, Order & Recycling project
  • Leader+, Serbia implements
    Banat Educational Households project
  • Micro Development Fund, Serbia implements
    Support to Civil Society for Local Socioeconomic Development and Social Inclusion project
  • SeConS-Development Initiative Group, Serbia implements
    Localization of EU Social Inclusion Policy in Serbia project
  • Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation, Serbia implements
    Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation, Serbia project
  • Centre for Cultural Decontamination implements
    project New Politics of Solidarity Through Cultural and Knowledge Production project
  • Housing Centre implements
    Support to Civil Society project
  • Mental Disability Rights Initiative of Serbia – MDRI, Serbia implements
    United in Action: Employment of Persons with Disabilities through Public/Private Partnership project