European Good Practices - Advocacy Tool in Serbia

Grantee: Praxis
Project Partners:
Regional Centre for Minorities, RS
Centre for New Communication Dokukino, RS
Heinrich Böll Stiftung, DE

Project Description:

This project aims at finding solutions for civil registration of people residing in informal Roma settlements in Serbia. It focuses on the right to be recognized as a person before the law and also on the right to enjoy adequate housing. It will raise public awareness on the indirect, administrative discrimination of Roma population in Serbia. The project will use its 10 months to target government officials, policy makers, local self-government officials, international and domestic experts, civil society organizations and general public to the benefit of Roma population in Serbia, specifically those who are not registered in birth registry books and reside in informal settlements.

The project will result in:

1)      Domestic and European experts in civil registration and right to adequate housing taking active part in the process of finding solutions for the issues;

2)      Identification of good practices in the countries of EU applicable to Serbian context;

3)     Obtained knowledge, experience and recommendations for improvement of legal framework, administrative procedures and services.

4)      Increased awareness among general and expert public regarding discrimination of Roma.

….People who are not registered in birth registry books find themselves outside the system of health care, social welfare and employment; they are socially excluded and exposed to various forms of discrimination in Serbia...

More information available at: www.praxis.org.rs