Support to Civil Society

Grantee: Housing Centre
Project Partners: Developing Initiatives for Support in the Community, UK

Project Description:

This project will work in the localities of Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad in Serbia and contribute to social cohesion by undertaking research, advocacy, awareness raising and policy making on homelessness. The specifics of social exclusion of homeless people in Serbia will be studied and public dialogue and research of relevant EU practices will support making of the more adequate policy answers.

The activities aim at reaching to policy makers, CSOs and local authorities to the benefit of people living in the situation of rooflessness, houselessness, those living in insecure and also those living in inadequate accommodation.

The activities of the project include:

1)      Research,

2)      Awareness raising and media campaigns,

3)      Conducting multi-sector dialog and formulating the recommendations for policy shaping.

This will result in:

-        Gathered and analysed knowledge on homelessness in Serbia

-        Establishment of cross-sector dialog on homelessness

-        Agreement on definition on homelessness

-        Formulation of recommendations for new inclusive policies and strategies on homelessness

…. Authentic personal stories of the homeless in Serbia, emphasizing their wishes and proposals for overcoming the problem of social exclusion shall be a very important part of the project. The voice of the homeless shall be clearly heard at the round tables and press conferences and their suggestions shall be included in the proposals and recommendations resulting from this project. ….

More information available at: www.housingcenter.org.rs