New Politics of Solidarity Through Cultural and Knowledge Production

Grantee: Centre for Cultural Decontamination
Project Partners: Qendra e Arteve Vizuele Multimedia, KO

Project Description:

This project aims to move up solidarity in diversity through knowledge and art production. It reaches to researchers, artists, students and volunteers that are active in the domain of culture and arts and will work to the benefit of cultural institutions, NGOs, universities and research institutes, art initiatives, media groups, artists, cultural workers, academics, teachers, activists and public in general. 

Its objectives are to:  

1)      Strengthen connections, communication and joint work between civil society actors and agents of culture and art in Serbia and the region.

2)      Foster new public remembrance by crafting a link to the memory inside the re-contextualized public space;

3)      Explore patterns of solidarity in diversity through  knowledge, culture and art;

4)      Introduce agents of social changes through new politics of equality and solidarity in diversity.

The main activities include preparation and carrying out of four cultural events:

-        One Flew Over the Parties’ Nests ,  a site-specific performance created in co-production of Centre for Cultural Decontamination from Belgrade and Qendra Multimedia from Pristina; which will try to seek the public ownership over the public places,

-        Four Faces of Omarska, a three-day site-specific event  consisted of public readings, workshops and interactive round tables covering the past and recent history of this troubled location in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

-        Trip to Russia, a theatre play depicting the vision of citizenship by seminal Croatian writer, Miroslav Krleža, and

-        Through a Glass, Darkly, an exhibition of archived audio and visual documents gathered throughout the project.

The project activities will take place in Serbian, Kosovo UN1244, Croatia and BiH, more specifically in Belgrade, Zagreb, Pristina and Tuzla, in the duration of 12 months.

…..This project fosters innovative research, communication and cultural production that will challenge the current divisions in the region….

More information available at: www.czkd.org