We Understand Each Other

Grantee: Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation
Project Partners: Belgrade Philharmonics, RS  

Project Description:

Project addresses intellectuals, artists, politicians, public figures, opinion makers, ethnic and religious community leaders, and includes organization and performing of five concerts of classical music followed by the “behind the scene” documentary film. The concerts will depict cultural diversity as they will be tailored to celebrate Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox New Year’s Eves. The final concert will feature inter cultural musical content of 4 major religious communities in Serbia. The project will last for 9 months.

The project aims at:

1)      Enhancing public knowledge for cultural diversity through cultural media production and cultural events;

2)      Increasing the inter-cultural dialogue among different communities;

3)      Increasing public understanding of cultural pluralism and;

4)      Improving regional cultural cooperation.

Concerts will be performed by Belgrade’s Philharmonics Orchestra and will also be broadcasted at the national television. By performing traditional music of four major religious communities in Serbia, cultural pluralism and public general understanding of cultural diversity will be enhanced and promoted.

……We believe that different calendars can serve as a starting point for a dialogue and cultural exchange, and that in this way these sensitive issues can be addressed without much dispute and adverse reactions they often inspire. Using New Year, which symbolises a new beginning, we create a positive atmosphere in which diversity is considered to be an advantage, a precondition for mutual understanding within a civil society, a basis of its polyvalence and a measure of the society’s creative potential…..

More info available at: www.bgf.rs