Enhancing social cohesion by developing non-discriminative policy for street children

Grantee: Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization
Project Partners: University of Novi Sad, RS

Project Description:

Project works in collaboration with the Novi Sad University to increase public debate on the situation of street children through development on non-discriminative policy for this target group. It reaches to policy makers, media, state representatives and civil society. The action will last for 12 months and primarily be located in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia.

The activities include

1)      Field research on Roma settlements,

2)      Public campaign combating inequality of street children and

3)      Coalition building to advance the social status of these vulnerable groups.

The aim is:

-          to increase knowledge on social inequality and existing discrimination by collecting data about street children,

-          to increase visibility of street children in the Provincial public by raising awareness and mobilizing community support,

-          To contribute to overcoming existing social inequality by drafting and submitting non-discriminative policy.

Street children are a group which has multiple vulnerabilities. In Serbia, more than 90% of them are Roma, extremely poor, uneducated and without parental care and protection. In addition to all those vulnerability factors, or maybe because of them, they are very often victims of discrimination, frequently accompanied with physical violence.

More information available at: www.ehons.org