The Well

Grantee: Integration Workshop
Project Partners: Krug foundation, RS  

Project Description:

The Well aims at generating public support for struggle against inequalities in Serbian society, using culture and arts as a tool. It shall work on a production of a theatre play titled “The Well”, which promotes social and artistic values and speaks against gender discrimination, family violence and regressive attitudes that hamper development. Particular outreach will be done to attract young people to attend theatre performances and culture, arts and tolerance will be debated with audience after the performances.

The project reaches to theatre public in Belgrade and other towns in Serbia and in particular towards young generations. It aims at creating benefits for women, victims of family violence, and youth.

In 8 months, the following results are expected:

1)      Raised citizens’ awareness about the existing intolerance, discrimination and violence and generated public support to fight inequalities and violence through performance of a theatre play, debates and through culture in general;

2)      Promotion of cultural events that promote social and have high artistic values and are not made for profit only;

3)      Young people’s interest for culture and arts is increased;

4)      Channel for debating culture and arts as means to influence social development is created.

The activities include production and performances of a theatre play; outreach to potential public and debates on interlinks between Culture, Theatre, Arts and Tolerance and include cooperation between the artists of former Yugoslavia countries. .

….. The play talks about a small city in Bosnia, strongly affected by the degraded wars, ethnic conflict and predominant regressive approach. Torn by ethnic prejudices and stereotypes, the main characters are being rejected by the community for the single fact that their parents belonged to different ethnic communities. The main plot of the drama is initiated when plans are made to construct a new water supply system in the community, but the community is not willing to accept this novelty…….

More info available at: Radionicaintegracije@gmail.com