Let’s Stop Age Discrimination and Endorse Active Ageing

Grantee: Centre for Democracy Foundation
Project Partners: Amity, RS

Project Description:

This project aims at overcoming discrimination of elderly in Serbia. It shall promote the concept of active aging, promote volunteerism amongst senior citizens and pursue support by the employers for the experience, knowledge and potential of elderly workers.

The activities of this project include:

1)      Campaign against age discrimination;

2)      Research;

3)      Training for unemployed elderly workers;

4)      Conference on overcoming age discrimination at workplace and employment;

5)      Workshops for volunteering of elderly, and

6)      Intergenerational dialogue of elderly and young policy makers in local community.  

The project strives to promote the potential contribution of senior citizens to social growth and workplace culture by focusing on the concept of active aging. It reaches to general public in Serbia, employers, unemployed older workers; senior citizens, young political activists, policy makers…and in particular will work to the benefit of elderly, employers, policy makers and civil society organisations that advocate for the elderly.

The results expected include:

  • Reduced widespread negative attitudes towards ageing in population;
  • Halted trend of dismissal and lower unemployment rate of people over 50 years and
  • Alleviated social exclusion of pensioners.

The localities that the project will cover are Serbian cities Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac, in duration of 12 months.

More info available at:  www.centaronline.org