Clubs for Children and Youth

Grantee: Centre for Quality Education
Project Partners: Society for support of mentally challenged persons, RS
Association for People with Disabilities of Ivanjica, RS

Project Description:

This project will work in Kragujevac, Belgrade and Ivanjica and establish mechanisms for provision of support to children and young from marginalized groups. Particular attention will be paid to strengthening of the capacities of civil society organizations to provide innovative community based services in an inclusive environment.

The expected results include:

1)      New public spaces established to meet the needs of children and young people from marginalized  groups

2)      Capacities of professionals to establish and develop innovative services in inclusive environment raised

3)      Increased internal and external social integration of children and youth from marginalized group.

Main activities are:

-          Capacity building of service providers;

-          Functioning of clubs

-          Advocacy and dissemination of lessons learnt

….. The establishment of the club contributes to introduction of socially-oriented practices, integrated approach and development of social capital. Mobilizing of local professionals will ensure local ownership, which will be reinforced with a network of key social stakeholders who participate in the content of clubs. ……

More info available at: www.cko.org.rs