Intercultural Drama Education And Learning

Grantee: BAZAART
Project Partners:
Relais d’ouverture et d’échanges culturels et linguistiques, FR
Fortress Theatre Festival, RS
Creative Upbringing and Multicultural Cooperation Centre, RS
Centre for Development of Civil Resources, RS

Project Description:

This project will work on establishing intercultural learning in formal and informal education and also pursue intercultural sensitive and socially responsible educational concept, by using potentials of arts for social development.

Teachers will be trained to use intercultural learning for advancing intercultural skills of the youth and instruments and devices based on drama and theatre techniques in education will be developed to assist this process.

The main activities will include

1)      Analysis of intercultural competencies of the youth in Serbia,

2)      Elaboration of country-relevant methodology for intercultural learning based on drama and theatre techniques,

3)      Publishing of a manual for drama educators working on intercultural learning,

4)      Establishment of informal network of drama educators in Serbia and Europe

5)      Development and performances of youth theatre productions.

….. Drama pedagogy in Serbia, however widespread, is not recognized as a profession. Because drama is not a school subject, there is no demand on the labour market and no academic studies for drama pedagogues. Drama in schools is carried out mostly by literature and language teachers, to produce programs for school festivals, very seldom for creative development of the youth, and practically never to achieve learning.……

More info available at: www.bazaart.org.rs