All Different, All Equal

Grantee: Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre
Project Partners:
Primary School “Samu Mihalj, Bečej, RS
Primary School “Zdravko Glozanski”, Apatin, RS

Project Description:

This project will initiate creation of an inclusive culture, policy, and practice in primary schools in Vojvodina, thus enhancing equal participation of all children in education, regardless of their gender, disability, social or ethnic background.

The project will work with students, parents and school employees to the benefit of inclusion in the education system.

The following results are expected:

1)      Capacities of primary schools for a comprehensive inclusive development at all levels are increased; 

2)      School staff, pupils, and their parents are aware of the importance of diversity, tolerance and anti-discrimination in education and these values are communicated to others in their local community;

3)      Lessons learned and experiences gained in the process are shared and advocated for among other schools and before decision makers on the provincial level.

The main activities include:

-          Participatory process of research and analysis,

-          Awareness raising and capacity building activities on tolerance, diversity and anti-discrimination,

-          Advocacy and experience sharing at the provincial level to include the values of multiculturalism and diversity in educational system.

…..Experience in promotion of cultural diversity and anti-discrimination in schools, within a specific multicultural Vojvodina’s environment is a value that needs to be shared among all actors involved in educational system……

More info available at: www.nshc.org.rs