Balkan Youth Forum for Tolerance

Grantee: Association for Development of Children and Youth
Project Partners: Association for Development of Creativity, RS

Project Description:

This project will work in Niš, Aleksinac, Knjaževac, Svrljig, Bela Palanka, Grdelica, Prokuplje and target Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. It shall work on increasing knowledge about social inequalities, anti-discrimination, tolerance and intercultural relations among young people in South Serbia but also aim at fostering regional cooperation of the youth from the Balkan by researching common values and identifying the examples of good practice in the region and EU.

Main activities are:

1)      Training,

2)      Balkan Youth Forum for Tolerance,

3)      Peer workshops,

4)      Forum theatre,

5)      Movie competition,

6)      Balkan Youth Conference.

….. Given the large regional differences in the development of the country, in small towns of south-eastern part of the country, the percentage of young people below the poverty line is much higher and they are at risk of social exclusion. Their reaction to this state is increase of conflicts and violence, prejudices and discrimination, intolerance and disrespect of the rights of marginalized groups.

More info available at: www.oknis.org.rs