Partnership for Tolerance and Anti-discrimination Protection in Serbia

Grantee: Partners for Democratic Change
Project Partners: Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, RS

Project Description:

This project aims at raising public understanding of discrimination and the role of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality (CPE). It also strives to combat discriminative practices by facilitating the use of mediation in discrimination cases.

The action targets civil society organizations, government entities and public institutions, local authorities and law experts to the benefit of discriminated and marginalized groups.

The expected results include:

1)      Increased knowledge of stakeholders on discrimination and the role of the CPE and improved utilization of CPE office;

2)      Increased capacity in mediation in the cases of discrimination amongst service providers;

3)      Increased capacity of CPE office to manage mediation in discrimination complaints.

Main activities will include:

-          trainings in how to recognize discrimination and how to file discrimination petitions with the CPE;

-          production of an Anti-Discrimination Handbook;

-          municipal public awareness roundtables;

-          mediation outreach and training;

-          Development of a mediation-specific case management system for the CPE.

More info available at: www.partners-serbia.org