INterCulturalism through LiteratUre and DialoguE

Grantee: Group 484
Project Partners: Pontes, HR

Project Description:

This project will work in Belgrade, Uzice, Vladičin Han, Kragujevac and Novi Pazar for active promotion of regional cultural diversity. It shall work with teachers and cultural workers, youth leaders and young people of different ethnic, cultural and social background and decision makers to promote intercultural dialogue through literature.

The main idea is to establish readers clubs throughout Serbia and use art as a mediator in regional cooperation by promoting the work of contemporary young writers from Western Balkans and Europe. Furthermore, little box books and three-monthly magazine will be published with the literary pieces by young writers on the subject of EU identity, regional cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

Campaign on the promotion of cultural diversity as richness of community and as part of European identity and regional festival of contemporary writers from Western Balkans and Europe will be organized followed by the regional conference titled Art as Mediator.  

…..The European Court of Human Rights has recognised that pluralism is built on “the genuine recognition of, and respect for, diversity and the dynamics of cultural traditions, ethnic and cultural identities, religious beliefs, artistic, literary and socio-economic ideas and concepts”, and that “the harmonious interaction of persons and groups with varied identities is essential for achieving social cohesion”……

More info available at: www.grupa484.org.rs