People Crossroads

Grantee: Committee for Human Rights in Nis
Project Partners: Out of Circle Belgrade, RS

Project Description:

This project works in Belgrade and Nis and it aims at combating discriminative practice against people with disabilities by removing physical and mental barriers within local institutions and service providers. It will work with civil society organisations advocating in the interest of people with disabilities and also local authorities and local to the benefit of people with disabilities.

The following results are expected:

1)      Increased capacity of CSOs representing people with disabilities and their members to protect their rights;

2)      Increased political visibility of people with disability through advocacy and awareness raising;

3)      Greater accountability of public administration at local level ensured.

The main activities will include:

-        Identification of good practices in the EU in combating discrimination against people with disabilities,

-        Building coalition of CSOs dedicated to protection of people with disability,

-        Providing legal aid to beneficiaries.

The project proposal will specifically examine EU standards and regulations in the field of accessibility. In line with them and, having in mind the specifics of the Serbian legislation, a proposal will be drafted and advocacy targeting local authorities implemented, aiming at making public buildings and spaces accessible for the people with disabilities.

…Basic accessibility of buildings can be provided with very low expenditures. Initial assessments shows that instalment of accessible elevators in 69 public institutions in Nis would costs around 1.6% of the city’s annual budget. The benefits that would be brought by these investments by far exceed their cost…

More information available at:  www.chrin.org.rs