Crossing the bridge of diversity

Grantee: Association of Independent Electronic Media
Project Partners: Faculty of Political Sciences, RS 

Project Description:

This project aims at enhancing public knowledge on cultural diversity through broadcast of issue related radio and TV programs. It will build capacities of local and regional radio and TV stations on cultural diversities and pluralism reporting and thereby strengthen the role of media in promotion of tolerance. 

The project target groups are local and regional TV and radio stations in Serbia and their audience and professionals and it works to the benefit of minority groups in Serbia and the society as a whole.

The main activities include:

1)      Research and recommendations on reporting on cultural diversity;

2)      Training;

3)      Production of radio and TV programs;

4)      Broadcasting of radio and TV programs. 

The TV and radio programs will be focused on the general topic of cultural diversity and pluralism, covering the following issues:

-        What defines one’s cultural identity?

-        Cultural diversity and human rights and freedoms

-        Cultural diversity and development

-        Cultural diversity and information

-        Cultural diversity, cultural heritage and creativity

-        Cultural diversity and education

….. Serbian media insufficiently contribute to cultural pluralism and tolerance. Topics covering cultural identity of minorities are rarely present in public life. When they appear, it is often in negative or marginalized context…

More information available at:  www.anem.org.rs