Free Movement of People and Goods between Kosovo and Serbia in the Context of Regional Cooperation

Grantee: Centre for Regionalism
Project Partners: KHCS  Mother Theresa, KO

Project Description:

This project strives to create more favourable climate for the development of regional cooperation in a field of transport of goods, people and capital between Serbia and Kosovo UN1244. The project will analyse current state of affairs in cooperation between two custom services, assess the volume of illicit transport of goods, draft recommendations and action plan to improve the situation and initiate and facilitate public debate on challenges of cooperation.

The expected results include:

1)      Production of a research paper,

2)      Defined recommendations and a road map,

3)      Dissemination of info to national and international stakeholders and decision makers.

Main activities will include:

  • Expert group work and field research;
  • Public discussion;
  • Liaison with competent institutions;
  • TV coverage of the project activities.

…..Project  aims to accomplish synergy between EU policy focused on regulation of trade relations (CEFTA), European Convention on Human Rights that guarantees freedom of movement (Protocol 4, Article 2), and process of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina which had just begun, in collaboration with EU in the role of mediator. …….

More information available at: http://www.centarzaregionalizam.org.rs/