Equal Opportunity

Grantee: Leskovac Education Centre
Project Partners: Arbeiter Samariter Bund, DE
Centre Living Upright, RS

Project Description:

This project will cover the cities of Novi Sad, Subotica, Beograd, Kruševac, Leskovac and Niš and work on promoting full and effective participation and inclusion in society of people with disabilities. It shall target employers, including media, CSOs and SMEs and employment agencies to the benefit of people with disabilities.

The main activities include:

1)      Radio shows, public events and web portal

2)      Technical assistance aimed at ensuring accessibility of people with disabilities to workplaces

3)      Award of accessible employer certificates to those implementing new practices

The expected outputs include:

1)      Training to people with disabilities to ensure employability,

2)      Consultancy to companies to ensure accessible workplace,

3)      Liaison with National Employment Agency and preparation of technical documentation for workplace adjustments. 

4)      Involvement of public figures from culture and sports in the promotion of accessibility of workplaces.

….. Accessibility is an essential attribute of a people-centred, sustainable environment.... Employers are reluctant to give a job to a disabled person due to their ignorance, lack of information, and fear from their disabilities. Therefore, they need to be provided with an additional information and training. Wider public also needs the information on abilities and competencies of disabled persons in order not to segregate and discriminate them. As their potential co-workers, they need to have a proper information on what disabled persons are able to do and how they need to be treated in a work place and in everyday life…….

More information available at: www.nvo.org.rs