Combating discrimination on all grounds in Serbian education system

Grantee: Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights
Project Partners: Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, RS

Project Description:

This project undertakes an effort to mainstream antidiscrimination policy in the sphere of education sector by taking legal action, educating, raising awareness level and contributing to creation of regulatory framework. Special focus is placed on educational inspectors and advisors, who have an institutional role in ensuring quality and effectiveness of the education system.

The project will work with high-school students, educational inspectors and advisors, school management, teachers and psychologists to the benefit of the improved education system.

The expected results include:

1)      Raised awareness level of the target groups,

2)      Number of tailored workshops and training sessions held,

3)      Strategic (legal) cases of discrimination initiated in front of relevant institutions and court and

4)      Production of inputs for bylaws regulating education system, and in particular antidiscrimination mechanisms within it.

…. Discrimination is still widespread in Serbia against a number of vulnerable groups, including displaced persons, refugees, people with physical and intellectual, Roma, national minorities, LGTB population, etc. Nevertheless, it is children within each of these groups that seem to be a particularly defenceless target....

More information available at: www.yucom.org.rs