Free Zone Jr. in Primary Schools and in the Region

Grantee: Fond B92
Project Partners:
Association for Development of Civic and Democratic Education,  RS
Fade In – Incredibly Good Institution, HR

Project Description:

This project will build the capacity of primary school teachers to promote tolerance and activism amongst students and also encourage intercultural dialog and understanding of cultural diversity amongst youth from the countries of former Yugoslavia. The project will work with primary school teachers from Serbia and high school students from Ex YU countries to the benefit of the education system and young people.

The main activities of the project are:

1)      Production of DVD edition of socially engaged documentary films for use in primary schools’ Civic Education curriculum

2)      Preparations and production of the Manual for teachers of Civic Education and training seminars for teachers

3)      Workshop on Documentary Film production for youth from the region 


….This Project offers popular model for working with youth and uses film to stimulate youth creativity, deepen their awareness of cultural diversity and pluralism and encourage their civic engagement.....

More information available at: www.fond.b92.net