Elderly in Serbia

Grantee: Adult Education Society
Project Partners:

Project Description:

This project will cover the cities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Užice, Leskovac and Bor and strive to improve the attitude towards the elderly in the Serbian society. It will work with local authorities and civil society organisations to the benefit of the senior citizens of Serbia and focus on photo contest and mobile exhibition which portrays elderly in a positive, contributing and refreshing image.

The expected results include:

1)      Reduction of prejudices and stereotypes and an increased appreciation of the elderly,

2)      Growing interest and readiness to engage in community activities for, about and with the elderly.

Activities will include:

-        Focused media work,

-        Advertisement campaign challenging stereotypes about the elderly in Serbia,

-        Photography contest,

-        Mobile exhibition,

-        Local community workshops,

-        Production and dissemination of the treasure box/best practice book.

….. The photography contests is aimed at reducing prejudices against the elderly and display them in their true light – as the people who have their own beauty and values. …

More information available at:  aes@sbb.rs